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Welcome to Slick Themes, the absolute best resource for free and premium WordPress themes from all over the internet.  We find amazing themes and bring them to you here, absolutely free of charge.  We know you’ll find something you really love here, whether it’s a portfolio theme, a magazine or personal blog theme, a theme for your business or anything else.  From simple designs to flat, modern theme, we find only the best themes around.  You can even set up a shop using a great WooCommerce ready theme.  No matter what you want to do, you can get the job done with WordPress and an amazing WordPress theme.  Some folks want to find a free theme, so we’ve gathered up this collection of the very best free WordPress themes around and we add to it constantly.

There are so many incredible WordPress themes on the internet, it can be a bit nerve wracking to find the right theme for your website. A lot of people ask, what’s the best WordPress theme around? Well, the answer is more difficult than it seems, because there’s no single way answer that question.  Every website, every webmaster has a different set of needs for their site.  That’s why we add so many great themes to each collection. So, right now, we’ve got well over 30 amazing WooCommerce themes in that collection.

We’ve found dozens of great looking flat themes here. Flat WordPress themes make sure your content is the star of the show since there’s no extra embellishments in the design.  That helps your readers find just what they want to find on your website.  That means those style of themes offer incredible user experience.

You can also check out the 50 incredible, simple looking and modern minimalist themes.  A minimalist theme is a lot like a flat theme and many of these minimalist themes are also multi purpose themes because they offer things like a blog, a portfolio, eCommerce and more in one beautiful package.  The more themes we find that we love, the bigger the collections get and that’s where it really starts to pay off for you, we really want to help save you time and a great big WordPress theme collection is one way to get that done.

There are right now 40+ stunning and powerful video themes in our collection of video portfolio themes.  Those video themes are a great way to present your video and make them look incredible.

One thing that goes without saying, a WordPress theme needs to be responsive, so we’ve added a ton of themes to our collection of responsive themes, so far there are over 50 of those responsive templates and we add more every day.

Blogs are a huge part of what WordPress excels at and for every blog site, there is a very specific need. You know you don’t want your content to be the same as everybody else’s content and you really want a theme that perfectly fits exactly what you want to do.  That’s why we’ve collected so many incredible personal blog themes, we’ve got over 60 beautiful personal and professional blog themes available right now. Then again, we’ve also added collections specific to cool, fun and stylish lifestyle blogs or even this collection of user-friendly and incredible looking travel blog themes.

Stay tuned for more amazing WordPress themes, coming soon to this space.